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Michele Noonan - Big Brother 11 - Behind The Scene Footage From Shoot!

Here are a couple of clips of raw video footage from our shoot. Enjoy!

Lydia Tavera - Behind The Lens

Lydia, Lydia, Lydia! My early favorite picks before Big Brother 11 started. I always like different. And from her promo photo, I judged her real quick; different! Lydia was one of those house guests that I couldn't figure out. Is she there to play the game? Or was she there just to play? I don't know. One minute I'm rooting for her, the next I was rooting less. It was back and forth all season long. One thing's for sure... I absolutely LOVED her style.

My girlfriend and I were always so impressed with her make-up and clothes every week. I could NOT wait to see what she came up with next! I met Lydia in Vegas, and whispered in her ear that we MUST meet and we MUST photograph. It all worked out, because I was more than pleased with the results. How so? That photo above is one of my best photos I've taken. I can't stop staring at it.

I knew I wanted to capture Lydia's crazy style for sure! I told her she must go WILD with the first look. And she did. Very, ver…

Michele Noonan - Behind The Lens

Ahhhh, Michele. One of my favorites from this season. It was very tough being a fan of hers throughout the year, to be quite honest. I loved her competitiveness, but was frustrated by her forgetfulness at times. Not sure if it was game or that she really doesn't remember much of anything. Green Room Lie.

For me, I love Big Brother contestants that go for the Gold and not give up. Stay on that wall. Hang on for dear life. And that's what Michele did - compete. I LOVED her quirkiness. And now with my photo biz colliding with Big Brother as of late, I always size up these people in the slight chance I meet up with them after the show to photograph them. And all I could see is beauty with Michele.

Meeting her in Vegas for that Charity event was a thrill for me. And that's where we made plans to combine talents. And we did with overwhelming success. This was probably my hugest transformation of a Big Brother houseguest to date.

I knew I wanted to change her look a tad. I know tha…