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Route 66 - Rancho Cucamonga, CA to Seligman, Arizona

Maria and I got our kicks on Route 66 last week. Here's the proof!

Raw footage from Big Brother 11's Russell Kairouz shoot

Here's a clip from our shoot this past Saturday. Notice the guy at the end asking, "Can I be in your documentary?" Funny stuff.

Behind The Lens - Russell Kairouz - Big Brother 11

Russell, the Love Muscle. That's right - I photographed Mr. Shotgun! Watching Russell during his season was a roller coaster of a ride. One minute I couldn't stand him - the next.. loved him. But it wasn't until he actually left the house that my respect for this guy retained its strength. He left with class - and during his exit interviews, even classier. I met Russell in Vegas and right away, we bonded because of our love the Dodgers. During a moment in Vegas - he and April were bonding and April made sure he would do photos with me. Selling me to him. She's so sweet. Well, a few weeks later, it was meant to be. I knew this shoot would be special because I always thought (along with my girlfriend Maria) that Russell was probably the best dressed from Big Brother 11.

Anyways, Lydia had an idea that Russell should bring his motorcycle down to L.A. to be shot with him. I agreed. Nice idea. But wait, why is Lydia giving me ideas? Well, she offered to help me out with the…

Ashley's thoughts on Big Brother @ Disneyland

Maria's brother's daughter, Ashley, gives her two cents on my TV obsession, Big Brother.