Back To The Future 25th Anniversary Tour!

Okay, so I love these movies. Something about time travelling, I just get a kick out of. I've seen these movies so many times, it's sickening. Maria and I decided that we would love to scout out all the location spots where these movies (especially part one) were filmed and then document (take pictures)of them. Bookmark this blog because we will visit these places in the next few months.

To my surprise, I live 15 minutes away from the 1955 Lyon Estates entrance (that was not fully constructed in 1955). It's the scene when Marty drives down this street and he screeches to a halt after seeing the Lyon Estates Stone statues.

I went back to the 1955 Hill Valley location today - and the gate that kept me out from before was now open and I got all the correct shots. Notice the mountain range in the background matching the still shot from the movie. And I found it funny that the street that lead me here was Pine Ave. Fitting.

These are the correct shots where Marty started his trip back to Hill Valley. The water tower in the background is the reference point.

Location: Chino, California.

BTW, the Back To The Future Trilogy will be released on Blu Ray on the original future date Doc Brown wanted to travel to... Oct 26th, 2010 before he changed it to a "nice, round number" - 30 years. They ended up travelling to Oct 26th, 2015.

More to come!

P.S. I will be also posting The History Of The City blogs. I will visit major cities and search for the oldest, historic parts of town. (during my time off - so blogs will be sporadic)

What can I say, I love Whittier. That'll be our first historic stop.


  1. Fun! I'm a fan, too. Same reason. We're weird or unique... I choose unique <3

    Looking forward to the future (heehee yeah...went there)


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